Mobile Crane Hire and Contract Lifting in Scarborough

Crane Hire Scarborough

When it comes to crane hire in Scarborough, you need to make sure that you use the right crane for the job – and few companies offer more expertise than the team here at BJW Cranes! We make sure that all lifts are completed to the highest standard, ensuring safety for those on-site as well as for your goods.

Crane hire in Scarborough is ideal if you need to lift large, cumbersome loads in confined spaces. Our fleet is available 24/7 and we tailor our services around what works best for you.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the BJW experts have a superb reputation for crane hire and contract lifting and provide a range of services, including:

CPA crane hire Scarborough

For those who have hired a crane before, and prefer to work at their own pace, CPA crane hire in Scarborough is a great choice.

Our CPA hire services provide you with the flexibility to plan every aspect of your project and create a safe system of work. We will provide a tested crane and appointed person who will be fully briefed to work alongside the rest of your team – ensuring deadlines are met. With this option, you’ll need to provide your own insurance cover to protect machinery, goods and operators against loss and damage.

Contact lifting Scarborough

Never hired a crane before? Don’t panic, we can provide a contract lift in Scarborough – taking care of everything from planning the lift to providing a risk assessment and insurance.

A contract lift in Scarborough will remove the stress that often comes with planning lifts – providing you with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. It’s our responsibility to provide:

  • a properly certified crane
  • an experienced appointed person
  • a qualified crane driver
  • a competent signaller
  • a risk assessment
  • a method statement
  • full insurance cover

Mobile crane hire Scarborough

Great for construction work in the city and repairs in areas with restricted access, our mobile cranes make it easier for you to transfer goods between varying heights. They facilitate easy set-up and are ready to be used in just 30 minutes! Mobile crane hire in Scarborough is ideal if you need to lift goods at height as it provides a 360° overview – meaning you can keep an eye on the load from start to finish.

When deadlines are nearing, we can provide floodlights for mobile crane hire in Scarborough so you can work through the night – ensuring visibility throughout.

Contact BJW Cranes

If you’d like to know more about our crane hire services in Scarborough, don’t hesitate to call us on 01724 289 501 and discuss your requirements in more detail. Alternatively, send an email to and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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Here at BJW, we supply five different types of crane – all of which have their own unique features and benefits for certain jobs. These include: • City cranes • Heavy-duty cranes • Mobile tower cranes • Self-erecting cranes • Telescopic cranes Whether you’re new to crane hire in Scarborough or you’ve hired cranes countless times in the past, knowing which to choose can be easier said than done. Luckily for you, we are always on hand to provide expert advice and will happily offer assistance to help you select the most suitable crane for your project in Scarborough. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements in more detail.
AccordioThe simple answer is, it depends on how much crane hire experience you have. For instance, if you’re no stranger to crane hire in Scarborough and you know exactly what you need to do to plan and execute the lift, we highly recommend CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) crane hire. This option gives you the flexibility to do things in your own time and in your own way. We merely provide the crane and a competent operator. If you’ve never hired a crane before or you’d prefer to enlist the help of a professional crane hire company, we can arrange a contract lift. We will take care of every detail – from planning the lift to organising the personnel, paperwork and insurance. You can trust that you’re in safe hands and that equipment will be operated correctly – reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. To determine whether you should opt for CPA hire or a contract lift, contact us. n Sample Description
The cost of crane hire in Scarborough typically depends on the type and size of the crane and how long you need it for. As with most things, the larger or more specialised the crane, and the longer you require it, the more you will pay. Other factors influence the cost of crane hire in Scarborough, such as: • The time or date – do you need the crane on a bank holiday, at night or over the weekend? • Labour requirements – have you got your own signaller, supervisor and riggers, or do you need us to supply them? • Additional equipment – do you require any extra lifting equipment to ensure safety? For a clear idea of how much you can expect to pay for crane hire in Scarborough, call BJW on 01724 289 501 and we will offer a fair price, tailored to your specific needs.