6 Reasons To Hire A Mobile Crane For Your Project

So, you need to hire a crane for your next project.

With one of the biggest and most advanced fleets of cranes available at our disposal, here at BJW Cranes, we’re confident you’ll find lifting equipment to suit your application and budget.

Although it’s great to have so many options to choose from, knowing which is best for your project can be tricky. However, mobile cranes surpass most other models and can be used by different industries for a wide range of applications.

Here we take a look at the key advantages of mobile crane hire.


  1. Mobility – one of the most obvious benefits of hiring a mobile crane is that it’s not fixed to a static location once it’s set up. It can be relocated as many times as you like, to wherever you need it. This level of manoeuvrability makes them perfect for most construction sites and projects spanning multiple locations.


Mobile cranes are usually roadworthy, which means they can be used to transport heavy materials between sites – increasing the speed and efficiency of projects.


  1. Durability – despite their compact footprint, mobile cranes are extremely strong and can quickly lift heavy objects between varying heights.


Their neat size makes them ideal for projects in urban areas, where space is often limited, whilst their multiple axles and hydraulic power gives them plenty of lifting power to complete a wide range of projects.


  1. Safety – mobile crane hire grants you the most flexibility – allowing you to access restricted areas and handle large, cumbersome loads at the same time.


Aside from making it more convenient for you to complete your project, this also ensures the safety of those operating the machinery and anyone else on the worksite when the crane is in use.


  1. Efficiency – looking for a crane that’s quick and easy to set up? Mobile cranes facilitate rapid set-up times, and can often be used within 30 minutes of arriving on site.


As there is no need for additional resources (labour and time), mobile crane hire effectively increases the efficiency of your project. It saves you money in the long run by reducing the amount of time the machinery needs to be kept on your worksite.


  1. Versatility – mobile cranes can be used for much more than just lifting large loads. These cranes are capable of completing tailored lifts, both indoors and outdoors, without sacrificing safety or efficiency.


You can use them to lift or move small items as well as large containers, hot tubs, stage equipment, marquees, and so much more.


  1. Cost-effectiveness – given the versatility of mobile crane hire, you won’t need to hire multiple cranes to complete your project. This not only helps you to minimise your costs but also enables you to work more productively, meeting your project deadlines without spending a fortune.


What’s more, because mobile cranes don’t require much labour to set up, you’ll often be able to hire them for less time – meaning you won’t have to pay to extend your rental period.


Ready to take the next step and hire a mobile crane?

The team at BJW Cranes has vast experience when it comes to mobile crane hire – covering all areas in and around Scunthorpe.

Whether you require mobile crane hire for your construction project or you’re planning an event and need to assemble equipment on site quickly and safely, we’re confident we can help.

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