Mobile Crane Hire and Contract Lifting in Keighley

Crane Hire Keighley

Looking for crane hire in Keighley? You want to be confident that your goods are transported and lifted safely and that you’re using the best equipment for the job. The best way to get this security is to hire from a reputable crane hire company, like us at BJW Cranes.

Our fantastic fleet, including city cranes, heavy-duty cranes, mobile tower cranes, self-erecting cranes and telescopic cranes, is available 24-hours. Whether you’re looking to rent a crane for CPA hire or as part of a supervised contract lift in Keighley, you can rely on BJW to provide a suitable solution for your project and budget.

CPA hire Keighley

So, you’ve hired a crane before? You most probably know exactly which crane you need and how to operate it safely and efficiently – making CPA (Construction Plant Association) crane hire in Keighley a great choice.

If you prefer to work at your own pace, then CPA crane hire in Keighley is exactly what you need, and we give you the flexibility you need to plan lifts in your own time.

The BJW team simply provides an appointed person who will become an extension of your team – working closely with others involved in the lift to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll also supply the best crane for the job – one that’s tested, certified and properly-maintained.

For more details about crane hire in Keighley, call 01724 289 501 and we’ll happily share our expertise.

Contract lifting Keighley

If you’re a stranger to crane hire in Keighley, or in a rush, rest assured, here at BJW we can arrange a contract lift – saving you the hassle and stress.

We provide the following:

  • a crane
  • a competent operator
  • an experienced signaller
  • a risk assessment and method statement
  • full supervision
  • insurance cover

In opting for a contract lift in Keighley, you can sit back and relax knowing that our expert team will plan the entire lift, from beginning to end, and work towards BS7121 and LOLER regulations. Contract lifting will provide you with the peace of mind that machines are used correctly, and materials are handled and lifted in the safest way possible.

Mobile crane hire Keighley

Mobile crane hire in Keighley is a popular choice for construction companies in the local area – and it’s no surprise given its quick and easy setup! Mobile cranes can be set-up in a matter of minutes, providing minimal disruption for those in the local area and allowing you to complete your project sooner.

Our mobile cranes are compact and provide a 360° overview – ensuring a flexible solution for built-up areas and environments where space is at a premium. We can also provide floodlighting for mobile crane hire in Keighley if you plan on working through the night to ensure full visibility.

Contact BJW Cranes

Need to know more about our crane hire services in Keighley? No problem – the team is always on hand to help. Feel free to call head office on 01724 289 501 or send an email to and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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Keighley FAQs

Whether you’re new to crane hire in Keighley or you’ve hired a crane countless times before, we strive to make the crane hire process as straightforward as possible for our customers in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Before we get you to sign any agreements, we will first need to know more about your company and the project you’re embarking on so we can establish which crane is best. It’s also helpful if you can provide the following details for crane hire in Keighley: • The dimension of the load being lifted (including its weight) • Knowledge of any obstructions nearby, i.e. trees, buildings, power lines • The distance the load needs to be lifted and where it will be placed • Any access restrictions • The location of the project • The value of the goods being moved
Typically, the most appropriate crane for the job depends on the task at hand, how much access is available, and the type, size, and weight of the load to be lifted. If you’re new to crane hire in Keighley and unsure which crane to pick for your construction project, the team here at BJW Cranes can help. Our extensive fleet includes everything from city cranes that are perfect for use in metropolitan areas, where high-rise buildings surround and streets are narrow, to mobile tower cranes that are quick and easy to set up, and self-erecting cranes that have a small footprint and suit confined spaces. We also have heavy-duty cranes and telescopic cranes available, and continually invest in our cranes every year to keep pace with the growing demands of our customers and the latest technological advances in the industry. To discuss your requirements in more detail, give us a call on 01724 289 501.
The simple answer is it depends on whether you opt for CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) crane hire in Keighley or a contract lift. With a contract lift, our team will arrange every aspect of the lift – including insurance cover for loss of or damage to plant or property caused by the negligence of BJW and liability insurance for goods, property, and injury. However, if you’ve hired a crane in the past and choose CPA hire, you will be responsible for protecting the crane against loss or damage whilst it’s on your site. You’ll also need to arrange third party liability insurance. For more information about arranging insurance cover for crane hire in Keighley, contact us.