Mobile Tower Crane Hire

BJW Cranes has a huge fleet of mobile tower cranes in the UK and is held at the forefront of innovative crane technology. The tower crane is one of the most revolutionary machines we supply and is ready to work in as little as 30 minutes.

Combining features of a telescopic crane and a conventional static tower, the tower crane is ideal for projects in the city where access is restricted. It guarantees a rapid, cost-effective solution for lifting goods safely.

We recommend mobile tower crane hire for:
• new build factories
• city buildings
• sheeting and cladding
• houses
• trusses

How can you benefit from mobile tower crane hire?

One of the main advantages of the mobile tower crane is that it facilitates quicker set up times – allowing you to complete your project faster. In addition to this, the crane can be set up in city centres with high-rise buildings and narrow roads. Given the capacity of a mobile tower crane, it is especially compact which also makes it easier to set up in remote locations.

A mobile tower crane can lift 10 tonnes of goods safely and has a maximum working radius of 60m – meaning it can reach further than other fleets. It also provides great reach over buildings – covering 37.2km.

Mobile tower crane hire also provides a 360° optimum overview – giving the operator more visibility. It enables them to see the load at all times when it’s being lifted – ensuring it’s carried safely between heights. BJW Cranes can supply floodlights for projects that are ongoing through the night to ensure safety, as well as, quiet operation – offering minimal disturbance for residents in the local area.

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Need to know more about mobile tower crane hire? All our mobile tower cranes are backed up by a team of qualified personnel who are dedicated to delivering the best services. For expert advice, get in touch with us on 01724 289 501 or email


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Mobile Tower Crane Hire
Mobile Crane Hire
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