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Mobile Tower Crane Hire

BJW Crane Hire operate from strategically placed locations to maximise our self-erecting mobile crane hire services throughout the UK. We provide mobile tower crane hire to various areas across the country to ensure that everyone can take advantage of our helpful, professional service no matter where they need to hire a crane.

As opposed to conventional telescopic mobile cranes, when it comes to self-erecting mobile crane hire our clients can benefit from a crane that is perfectly suited to working in confined spaces and at a long radius.

The mobile tower cranes that we offer for hire are a unique design. They have all the features of a mobile telescopic crane and of a conventional static tower crane, yet these attributes are combined into one machine. The result is a revolutionary folding mobile tower crane. In many areas where a telescopic crane can be utilised, our range of mobile tower cranes for hire has distinct advantages. The cranes we provide have greater mobility, flexibility and offer superior reach and versatility.

Our mobile tower crane hire range can lift up to 10 tonnes and they have a maximum working radius of 60 metres. These revolutionary cranes are ready to work in just 30 minutes and are ideal for use in the city where normally space is at a premium and is often a controlling factor in crane selection.

Mobile crane rental from BJW can far outperform standard telescopic cranes, providing a more practical, quicker and more cost-effective solution. There are also a multitude of other benefits to the mobile crane hire services we offer - see the key advantages below:

  • Faster set up time than regular cranes - fully utilised in 30 minutes
  • Can be set up in narrow roads
  • Reaches places other cranes cannot
  • No standoff distance
  • Greater safety during the mobile crane hire as the operator can always see the load
  • Able to fit on smaller areas on site for given capacity
  • Compact for their lifting capacity
  • Lower outrigger loadings for given capacity
  • Floodlights and quiet operation for night working
  • Do not get jib bound
  • Lift up to 10 tonnes
  • Fantastic reach over buildings - 1.7 tonnes at 60 metres with a tower height of 37.2m and a maximum hook height, when luffed at 30 degrees, of 65 metres
  • 360-degree optimum overview for lifting operations
  • Can be used remotely if required
  • Ideal crane for new build factories, city buildings, sheeting & cladding, houses, trusses etc.

If you would like further information on our mobile crane hire towers or any other cranes within our fleet please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful, supportive team. You can this via email at enquires@bjwcranehire.co.uk or alternatively, you can contact us on 01724 289 501.

Mobile Tower Crane Hire
Mobile Crane Hire
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