City Cranes

Where can a city crane be used?

City cranes are incredibly versatile and have multiple uses across various projects and terrains.

These can include:

  • City construction
  • Recycling plants
  • Indoor projects
  • Rural construction projects

City construction

A small city crane is perfect for work in city sites that face issues with overcrowding or smaller than average gaps between buildings, hence the name.

It can lift in tight space areas where other larger cranes struggle to fit, making it ideal for use between buildings or in high-traffic metropolitan areas.

Recycling plants

City cranes are small and compact, meaning they can smoothly move around confined spaces between trucks and skips. This makes them perfect for unloading goods from the back of vehicles, including recycling materials.

It’s also more time-effective to lift and move containers using a crane rather than a truck, which saves valuable time on site and increases what a team can unload in a day.

Indoor lifting

A handy feature of the city crane is that its lift height (telescopic boom) and positioning are controlled by the operator cab, unlike static tower cranes. This means it can effortlessly fit into indoor spaces such as warehouses to assist with heavy lifting, even if the ceiling height is reduced. This reduction lessens the need for indoor machinery such as forklifts, which staff members have to be specially trained to use.

Rural construction

The city cranes we lease have their uses in non-urban construction too. This is because our fleet is equipped with strong-grip tires that enable smooth manoeuvring around most terrains, including mud and grass.

They can transport goods and machinery across sites effortlessly, empty large waste containers, and load vehicles, making them an excellent all-rounder.


City Crane CPA Hire and Contract Hire

BJW Crane Hire offers CPA hire and contract hire across our whole fleet.

With CPA crane hire, you can rent a state-of-art vehicle from us and return it when your project is complete.

We only lease fully tested cranes with impeccable health and safety records to ensure that heavy lifting is completed safely.

Alternatively, we also provide a CPA contract lifting service. Your city crane will be delivered alongside one of our fully qualified engineers to operate the crane.

This is excellent for smaller sites that do not have experience with lifting plans and supervision.

Improper lift planning can result in goods and cranes being turned away at site, which can mean very costly delays!

With contract lifting, our engineers will operate a safe system of work and plan every aspect of the lifting performed so you don’t need to.

For more information on CPA crane hire and contract lifting, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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City Cranes FAQ’s

A city crane is a crane that’s typically used on construction sites with limited access. It has an adjustable turning circle and telescopic boom, which makes it easy to navigate in tight and restricted areas.

Although city cranes have a compact footprint, they offer high manoeuvrability, and can provide a tall reach once set up. This means they’re ideal for use inside existing buildings and projects in bustling cities where standard cranes won’t fit.

To find out more about the city cranes we provide here at BJW Cranes, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01724 289 501.

Cranes are great for lifting and transporting heavy objects, but they each have their own features and benefits.

Small cranes are perfect for smaller construction sites, where space is limited and a larger crane simply will not fit.

Thanks to their compact footprint and heavy lifting power, they are suitable for all terrains. Whilst they are mostly used in built-up areas in the city, small crane hire is a great choice for lifting or moving relatively light loads from A to B indoors.

To find out whether a small crane is suitable for your project, get in touch with the experts at BJW. We will happily advise you on the best crane for the job – taking into account your specific requirements.

Small cranes are designed specifically for confined working and restricted access.

As a well-established crane hire company, we are continually investing in our fleet to bring you the most up-to-date cranes in the industry. Available in various sizes and with different lifting capacities and reach, we’re confident that you’ll find a suitable solution for your project here at BJW.

Though compact, our small cranes are extremely reliable and can transfer goods between varying heights both quickly and safely.

If you’re no stranger to small crane hire, our CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) option is ideal. We will simply provide the crane and a qualified operator, leaving you to manage everything else.

Alternatively, if you’ve never hired a small crane before, we can arrange a contract lift. With this, our team will take care of every aspect from lift planning to organising the competent personnel, executing the lift in the safest way possible, and the paperwork.

If you’d like to know more about our small crane hire service and how you could benefit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

City cranes are highly versatile and, despite being designed originally for use in the city, can be used across many terrains.

Muddy soil bases at construction projects in the countryside are no problem for city cranes: our fleet is equipped with strong-grip tires that enable easy manoeuvring around most terrains.

BJW Crane Hire offer an extensive range of sizes and capabilities to choose from, so you’re sure to find the most capable crane for your project.

We also offer CPA hire and contract hire 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’d like to know more about where a city crane can operate, don’t hesitate to get in touch online via our online enquiry page to speak with an expert.

You’ll be thrilled to know that our city cranes have a minimal set-up time.

A huge benefit of hiring a city crane is that it will arrive rearing and ready to go, unlike fixed cranes that need to be built on-site.

The significantly shorter installation time is perfect for those wanting to complete projects on a tight deadline.

All you will need to get started is a qualified assigned person to operate and drive the crane. Then you’re good to go.

But, if you don’t have an experienced professional amongst your ranks, our CPA contract lifting service may be perfect for you. A suitable city crane from our fleet will be delivered on-site and operated by one of our fully qualified engineers.

All our cranes are fully tested and regularly maintained to ensure that your project gets completed securely and safely.

Feel free to contact our head office on 01724 289 501 or email for more information.